Bells Movement

Bells Petition

We citizens, ask from the decision makers (members of parliaments and governments on national, regional and local level in the Western Balkans) to include the elements of this declaration as an integral part in creating and implementing sustainable development policies.


On support and strengthening regional cooperation in Western Balkans of environmental issues


We call the decision makers to:

  • Include sustainable development and environmental issues as one of the priorities and integral part of economic and social policies that are implemented at regional, national and local level in the Western Balkans;
  • Influence the faster adoption and implement laws harmonized with EU legislation which will improve better life quality of citizens;
  • Develop essential partnership and dialogue with civil sector in process of implementing EU values and standards;
  • Strenghten regional cooperation on all issues that are directly and indirectly related to sustainable development and environment;
  • Develop local, national, regional strategies and Action Plans with aim to ensure Sustainable Development, Environmental and Energy security and efficient overcoming of negative consequences of climate change for citizens and future generations;
  • Create an ambient and encourage creating of green jobs;
  • Strengthen capacity of public services at local and national level which are in charge for implementation of environmental laws;
  • Contribute with their decisions to sustainable consumption of natural resources and preserve variety of living species;
  • Implement EU directives related to consumption of renewable energy and energy efficiency and Encourage investment in this sector;
  • DO NOT make decisions to about building and investment in nuclear power plants.