Bells Movement

About Bells Movement

Bells movement advocates that Western Balkan countries, as future members of EU community, implement sustainable development standards.

Today decision makers and citizens are facing crucial challenges about reaching EU standards, especially environmental. EU standards have direct impact on economic and social stability and better quality of life and work of citizens.

Bells movement promotes partnership among all sectors through common mission to strengthen Western Balkans as a region of great opportunities.


Bells Movement Mission

Bells movement mission is to be the leader of sustainable development in the countries of the Western Balkans. Through various initiatives, actions and education we enable citizens of Western Balkans to fulfill their right to a healthy environment and better economic and social standards.

Members of Bells movement believe that there are no administrative borders or political party colours around environment issues. Only through dialogue, partnership, understanding and the harmonization with EU legislature we can achieve big positive changes on the national and regional level.


Aims of the Bells Movement

  • Advocating for environmental leadership standards within the processes of creating and implementing economic and social policies;
  • Advocating urgent adoption and implementation of relevant EU standard laws;
  • Advocating for clean technologies and green jobs;
  • Advocating for institutionalized cooperation between the government, civil and business sector.


Bells Movement ID

Members of the Bells movement are: Members of Western Balkans Parliaments, Representatives of Civic and Business sector, Government officials and Representatives of different Ministries, Local Government Representatives, Media Representatives and Active Citizens.

Bells movement will award the most active individuals and organizations with the title of Honorable Environmental Ambassador.